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Judith Davis 'Our Left Feet' Modern Conceptual Sculpture

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49"W x 8"D x 36"H







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* Wood, metal, white gloss and matte black paint on wood panel

* Artist will provide buyer with authenticity including signature

* Carved wooden found object feet, originally vintage sandal mannequins, finished and painted by artist

* Feet mounted on panel with bolts

* Unsigned, work of modern conceptual artist Judith Davis

* Piece is designed for wall mounting

* In excellent condition, with very light scuffs at edges

"OUR LEFT FEET"    by Judith Davis

This sculpture is dedicated with Love and Gratitude to Charles King whose commitment to the Values and Mission of the Housing Works has not only inspired thousands, but also been a source of comfort to my own family.                

"Through the language of Sculpture, my Art speaks about what is most important to me whether political, social, humanitarian, or cultural.  Sometimes a piece represents an outpouring of my rage.  At other times, it evokes my yearning for peace and harmony.  Just as my work informs, exposes, or ignites a conversation within me, I hope it sharpens the issues and allows the observer to walk away with new insight.  If this happens, viewers have accepted my invitation to question and to imagine things differently." Excerpt from Artist's Statement                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Judith describes her emergence as an Eco Artist as a "Tsunami of the Soul".  Her life as a sculptor began while rummaging around antique barns where she found herself mysteriously drawn to the sculptural beauty of discarded metal and wood objects.  Inspired by her fascination with Carl Jung's archetypal shadow work, what emerges are captivating works whose beauty is illuminated and intensified by shadows.  

Judith Davis grew up in Winchester, Massachusetts.  She earned a BA, an MBA, and was awarded the distinction of Presidential Scholar.  She spent a year studying in Paris with a group of twenty students and a professor who drove them all over France, visiting the great cathedrals and museums.  She attributes her love of art to having been fortunate enough to visit the private studios of Picasso, Matisse and Winslow Homer, and to her years as an executive, travelling to cities at home and abroad, where she always made time to visit art galleries and museums.  She lives with her husband and artisan, John, her beloved hearing dog, Annabel and their mischievous calico cat, Lily.  Judith makes both her home and studio on Aquidneck Island in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, six miles from Newport where she is represented by Jessica Hagen at Jessica Hagen Fine Art & Design.


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